Monday, August 18, 2008

"101 in 1001"

In case you're unfamiliar, read up here 'cause I'm too damn lazy to explain. Besides, if you see this, chances are you already know what it is.

So, here we go! (Editing to add more as I complete the full list.)

For me... a book a month, or at least don't go a whole month without doing any book reading (0/33)
...cut at least 3 inches off my hair at one time
...attend the gym often enough that at least one person knows my name (who doesn't already) and will know me on site
...find an aerobics class I like and commit to going
...lose 10 pounds (0/10)
...lose 20 pounds (0/20)
...lose 30 pounds (0/30)
...write in my blog once a week (1/143)
...get PHR certified
...take digital photography course(s)
...pursue doing some pseudo-professional photography
...contibute to my 401(k) plan at work
...find at least one day a week where I actually get the recommended 5 fruits and vegis in (0/143)
...go out with the girlfriends at least once every other month a girls weekend/overnight away
...finish three scrapbooks (beginning to end) (0/3)
...try tofu yet again in a new and different way to see if I like it (can stomach it) any better than previous attempts
...visit 15 national parks (0/15)
...get back into "thin" clothes and stay there
...put on make-up every day for a week...three times (0/3)
...learn how to make 10 new soups (0/10)
...stay "internet-slacking" free at work for a week four times (0/4)
...get a library card

For my kids
...keep them unplugged (away from tv and computer) 90% of the time
...teach Felipe to read
...teach Alex to read them books every day
...take the boys to the dentist
...make a decision about having #3 or not
...take them swimming and teach them to swim on their own
...put our "affairs in order" officially and legally
...go for long walks (more than an hour) or hikes together 10 times (0/10) an activity of their choosing once a week (0/143)
...write letters to them on their birthdays for them to read in the future (0/6)
...find two good babysitters that aren't family members
...look into private/Montesorri school for the boys

For my family and friends
...finish construction on the second floor of the house
...go to Mexico to visit the family (0/1)
...send Christmas cards each year...before Christmas (0/2)
...remember and acknowledge birthdays
...don't let the house go in need of a good cleaning/pick-up for more than a week at a time (0/143) bikes and go for rides every month between April and November
...have a family portrait taken in the park where our wedding pictures were done
...send "anniversary" gifts to the three couples I neglected to give a gift to at their weddings (oh I am SO embarassed!) (0/3)
...make one recipe from each issue of Food & Wine that gets delivered to the house
...continue and expand the vegetable garden each summer

For my marriage more "30 Day Challenges" (wink wink, nudge nudge)
...tell Jorge I love him every day (1/1001)
...go on a date at least once a month
...dine by candlelight 12 times (0/12)
...learn more/be more comfortable speaking Spanish hooky with Jorge three times (0/3) a book recommended by Jorge

For my community
...volunteer at Cor Unum the Making Strides walk each year (0/2)
...join at least one volunteer committee
...look into a farm co-op for summers '09 and '10 (0/2)
...give blood twice (0/2)
...look into the bone marrow donor registry

For my God
...go to church every week (0/143)
...finally do the Lenten devotional I've thought about doing every year for the last ten years (0/3)
...say prayers before meals at home
...join the choir at church (or sing there in some capacity other than from the pews)


Why do I do this? There must be a trail of websites in my wake littered with match-strike moments of inspiration, random ramblings, and good intentions only to be left drifting among the electronic abbys that is cyberspace. MySpace, Facebook, that site that hosted the web page I created when pregnant with Felipe...the list goes on and on.

So why start another "blog" that statistically stands less chance at survival than a box of PopTarts at a Korn concert? Perpetual optimism? Nah! Seems I needed to have one in order to start my 101 in 1001.

What's "101 in 1001" you may ask? Just wait for post #2!